viernes, abril 04, 2008

Blue Book Group Exhibition UEA

Qanat Al Qasba Hosts Blue Book Exhibition
Unique Art Exhibition Seeks To Promote Intercultural Understanding
Dubai, UAE - March 11, 2008: Qanat Al Qasba inaugurated the Blue Book exhibition yesterday (March 11), which will continue until March 17 from 10am to 10pm at (Maraya Al Qasba). The exhibition that aims at promoting connecting different cultures from around the world through picture books, is yet another unique event held by Sharjah’s premier tourism and cultural destination.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Abdullah Al Owais, General Manager of Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, Hisham Al Mathloum, Head of Art Directorate, Marwan Al Sakral, CEO of QAQ Development t Authority, and attended by a number of participating artists and art lovers.

The first international illustration exhibition of The Blue Book Group was organised last year by Ali and Hassan Amekan in Tehran, Iran, which was independent from any art society or company. From among the illustrations they received, the works of 31 illustrators have been chosen as members of the group from different countries including Iran, France, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, England, Mexico, Japan and Spain.

Exhibiting over 200 paintings of 31 artists from different countries, the group is on a world tour with Sharjah marked as its second destination point.

The exhibition which will be hence organised every two years in Iran and other countries has been coordinated by Omid Tofighian this year in Sharjah. From Sharjah, the exhibition will travel onwards to Japan.

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