viernes, octubre 15, 2010

Show in London

The Idol Hours.

This November 2010 London Miles gallery presents a themed group exhibition featuring a bold selection from the International Contemporary art movement.

Where contemporary artists hark back to the masters of past movements paying homage to what was not only inspirational to forming how they paint today, but to what has formed the whole epoch of creative output as we now know it. For this ambitious project London Miles Gallery has hand picked a wide cross section of artists, from emerging British artists to newly established international artists. All with the same goal; to pay respect to their elders.


For nearly the past century the art world has been dominated by concept. The concept behind art and what it is that makes art. Pushing the boundaries of theory and the plane of creativity. From the ready-mades of Duchamp to the consumerist nature of Hirst and the YBA’s, the aftermath and social turbulence of the First World War seemed to change the nature of art and the way it was to think forever.
With a new era comes a new generation of artists. A new generation, to progress and push the boundaries of what has come before. Each artist evoking a sentiment which has spawned from a product that has been inspirational to them, and thus helping them reach the technical magnitude and diversity never before seen in the art world. In a world dominated by controversy and rebellion, we propose a rebellion against the rebellion. Therefore by way of gratitude each artist has chosen a work that has moulded them into the artist that they are today. Be it from the pointillist techniques of Seurat in his ‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’, to the groundbreaking take on chiaroscuro of Caravaggio, or the beautiful composition and design ethic of Mucha. Every artist, each with a distinct style of their own will take on the challenge of producing their own take on a work that has made them the artist they are today.

Featured Artists:

Tiffany Liu Plastic God Stella Im Hultberg Yumiko Kayukawa Matthew Bone Travis Lampe Zoe Lacchei

Scott C. Scott Belcastro Sergio Mora Alex Young Bob Dob Joe Ledbetter Lost Fish David Marsh Carrie Ann Baade

Tom Bagshaw Luke Chueh Carles Gomila Xue Wang Nom Kinnear King Robert Marquez Mike Bilz Elizabeth Winnel

Jenny Bhat 2H Chris Murray Ken Keirns Justin Fry Mad Steez Kevin Earl Taylor Ann Marshall

and more to be confirmed.

Exhibition: November 2010

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