martes, diciembre 23, 2008


Festival di arte contemporanea

December 27th – January 3d
Termoli, Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea
Curator: Emanuela De Notariis

Born as a project of research and experimentation within young artistic languages, Art Shake interacts with the public and the city, inside and outside the art system, through an interface of entertainment.
Trying to be alternative to the artistic and cultural events directed to a specific target, Art Shake promotes art charachterized by hybrid languages and multiplicity of media, able to soothe the wounds of reality, with wonder.

A fil rouge connects visual arts to music, performance and literature, all made of the blood of the controversial epoch we’re living in. They metabolize conflicts and uneasiness of our epoch, skinning it and gutting its sociocultural superstructures. And then sewing new skins over it, made of imagination.
Today blogs and poetry, comics and art history are all equal sources of inspiration, masters of a language of signs with an highly sensitive power, remedies made of imaginary, for a schizoyd-risk society.

Art Shake was born in Termoli, a small town of molisan coast of Italy. It shows how “cultural outskirts” can be right places for experimentation, because they’re re not subjected to the saturation of events. So they become stimulus and battle for the achievement of a contemporary culture, that dialogues with local and traditional, giving an active role to the public.

Art Shake’s visual artists, videomakers, performers, musicians and writers come from different parts of Europe, of Italy and of Molise region.
In the web, Art Shake and it’s artists work with the main social networks, because they consider art as exchange, communication, net of sinergies.

Emanuela De Notariis
Artist and independent curator, Art Shake author and art director


108, Silvia Argiolas, Franco Brambilla, Luigi Copello, Gabriella Ciancimino, Tommaso Gorla, Kafre, Silvia Idili, Letizia Lomma, Lusesita, Nicola Macolino, Pietro Mancini, Maicol & Mirco, Sergio Mora, Peio Peev, Poilacartabrucia, Moira Ricci, Giuliano Sale, Alessandra “Banana” Tisato, Cristina Urban, Nora Noah Wuytack.
Amae, Mariana Ferratto, Marco Morandi, Cosimo Terlizzi, Virgilio Villoresi.
Fabrizio D’Errico, Molise Cinema
Super Amici
Pier Paolo Giannubilo, Marco Taddei
Orchestra del Cervello Meccanico (108, Gustav Landin, Mat 64, Pira666, Trashsound), Morkobot, La Pigra, Errichetta Underground.

Art Shake Festival
Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea
Piazza S. Antonio 1, Termoli
www.artshakefestival/ (name: Art Shake)

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